Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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daisies discussed details of delightful dew left for the afternoon

daisies overexposed


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Poem for Bo (8-17-2011) by Megan Marie Seaman

Warren, CT

“11 in the morn

Sittin’ here in a sunshine oasis

Within a

magical forest of

Fern and moss

Pine and oak

Fireflies and fairies

Buzz around you

A dragonfly rests

And flutters sputters away

But not too far, close enough

You feel his vibration

Smell the warm moist earth

Sun rays caress and penetrate

They nurture and assure

That it is good to be entangled

Spangled mangled

All mixed up

The Universe is gradually moving to

Normal Chaos

And the only Boss is you and me

As the phenomena emerge

Moment by moment

You breathe” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Lost-Found (6-29-2012) by Megan Marie Seaman

“I feel it in there

It’s been healing and learning

Growing and burning

Like a newborn child full of wonder and upset

At the potential of the world

She fights her way to find the

Warm, dark, quiet that

Was once her home

But filled with excitement

A nervous energy

She can hardly bear anymore

It rises form her belly and inflates her heart

It takes over her body, her mind, her soul

Something is missing

Something is supposed to be

Here, there, where?

A wise man told me, “love is an art

Sketched and painted atop a canvas

Of mutual respect.

Such a foundation allows only for the occasional brush stroke

To cover a mixed message.

Take it one day at a time.

Value all things with openness.

Provide the proper balance

Allow for genuine action

Because love is truly worthwhile.”

Worth while

Worth what?

If he cannot be found

Here, there, where?

And I waited for the answer

But I got bored, apathetic

And I moved to thoughts of glitz, big, city, blue

And then the answer that I had for so long waited, wanted

Came with the wrong retort,

All the time,

Or maybe I just changed my mind

With the delivery in the Post

Over and over again

The opportunities turned their pretty heads

And beckoned me to New York

And my sister wondered why not

here, there, where?

I love the sorrow – its beautiful, precious crystal…

So sorry to let it go

To see it break and rip

The skin below my feet

As I walk away

The pieces scream their pleas for

Me to stay, stay, forever.

And the hope fills my heart

The joy and peace become me

I dissolve into an endless sea

Of interconnection

And I am not

Here, there, I don’t know where…”

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Set them Fire (8-9-2011) by Megan Marie Seaman

Burlington, VT

Felt sad for days

In a violet blue haze

Of where and why and when?

What are you doing?

Who are you fooling?

Turning away from what’s happening

Feel the tickling irritation

That burgeoning sensation

The sickly sign of unrest

Wishing it was calling

Hoping you were falling

Into some fateful quest

‘Cause you’re not sure of this path you’re strolling

Yet, you know where you’re going

The dawn is still an hour beyond

With unsteady tracking

Moving forward on the road that is cracking

And crumbling ‘til it’s gone

But the sun, it rises

With burnt sienna surprises

And firey red glow

It smiles it’s blinding face

Beams down on the open space

For which you used to know

Sensing its burning

Realizing this life that you’re learning

Becoming still with ambiguity

Lungs fill with air

Letting go without care

Now flowing with brilliant uncertainty

Now going with enlightening insanity

Now mowing the weeds of conformity

Now throwing off blankets of hypocrisy

Now towing the ruins of Christianity

Now stowing tools of complacency

Now rowing the boat out on that sea

Now opening the gates to set them free

Go now sorrow

Go now doubt

Go now suffering

Go now go” – Megan M. Seaman

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Whole (9-18-2011) by Megan Marie Seaman

“Long love livened finally opened in the

Fertile midnight

Hold me tight

Stay in sight

Let me touch your tough tense pensive brow

In evening mist

Be first on your list

Sealed with a kiss

Wondered about in the mighty magical moments

Before we were so close

Haunted like a ghost

You who I wanted most

In my heart beat your heart wildly wishfully wholly

Open to your face

One I could not replace

Freedom in this space

Eyes filled up with water, with the power

To move this love

From Heaven above

The one I was thinking of

Flowing surging savage

Seductive waves

Said you would be brave

Finding what you crave

In this being who illuminated your soul

And held you freely

And so sweetly

So completely…whole.” – Megan M. Seaman