Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

Awaken (1-27-2012) by Megan Seaman


“Heard a song dance on air

Swooning, booming, instantly tuning

Into juicy moving

And sweeping our bodies high, high, high


And higher we drifted

Lifted by some epiphany

Some faraway future

Realized in a moment’s notice


Ghosts of past desires and debts

Let go and left


And say hi, hello, bonjour, salut


To sunny days and you

Your most wondrous self

Arrived and alive

Living each breath through the mess


Created with shut eyes

Closed hearts, dark souls

Now a start to what is, ‘cause this

Is all we’ve got!” – Megan Marie Seaman


Author: meganseaman

trying to remember what I was looking for...

3 thoughts on “Awaken (1-27-2012) by Megan Seaman

  1. very good, glad to discover your blog

  2. beautiful words and great photo

    david in Maine USA

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