Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

In My Mind (2-16-2012) by Megan Seaman

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“Nothing nice to say

Then don’t speak another word

But remember to breathe each breath

As tears send forth waves of rage

They shake, quake the

Weathered shores they roll over

A million granules of what was

Underwater yesterday and a billion years or more

Do you remember?

Do you recall?

The fall, the tumble you took

100 years before?

What did you learn?

What could you discern?

Now 100 years present

How will today be changed?

Rain drops on dry forgotten skin

Covered ‘til now.

Exposed in the mysterious moonlight

Of this ethereal night

And you wait for it, counting the

Minutes, the seconds, and moments

Anticipating the creatures

Who arise from the ether

Of simple life

Being and light

But you can’t get happy

Because what’s so exciting about

Everything you expected it to be?

In the din of the mind stuff

Get lost, crossed, off course

From forgotten path

But there’s always that light

Twinkling right here

Presently flaring

Just open your eyes

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

Don’t think another phrase

With the lenses of your belly

Witness what is and step, accordingly

Without a word.” – Megan Marie Seaman


Author: meganseaman

trying to remember what I was looking for...

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