Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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I Won’t Speak Your Name (2-26-2012), by Megan Seaman

Kind of like a dream…

“I won’t speak your name

No, not a sound will abound

Not a syllable will be mumbled

‘Til the future is present

And the moment as stumbled

Into time, just right, and

Has come to reveal

What has been sealed

Under my ruby love lips.


I won’t speak your name

No, not a whisper will be wheezed

Not a word will be sneezed

‘Til watery eyes see and spy

My love divine

In moment sublime

Witness face with glasses

And take the chances

For despair or delight.


I won’t speak your name

No, not a mutter will slip

Not an utter will split

The air between the spaces, places

Of magical mystery

I will let you come on your

Own accord

In your own time

With your own history.


Witnessing violet blue beyond

Accepting golden grand present

Stepping out of grey worn yesterday

And arrive.


And still…

I won’t speak your name

No, not a tune will travel

Not a chant will be unraveled

Until the moment you choose

To come undone and let loose

Set free hearts desire and heavenly fire

Onto broken earth

Time that’s worth every penny, every buck

But I won’t cash it in

For you, my friend

Because you are priceless

To me

And worth every mysterious moment’s glory!” – Megan Marie Seaman


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Thanks for your support!!!

Hello My Friends,

Just wanted to send a long overdue thank you for those of you who supported the Kickstarter project for the independent film, Vacancy. Although, the project did not meet its anticipated goal, and subsequently was not funded, a lot of good came out of it. The film’s director, Karen St. John-Vincent, made many crucial connections and learned a lot about marketing an independent film. She’s working on other fundraising efforts as I write this. I will let you know any upcoming opportunities to support this artistic work!

Again, thank you for all your “likes”, good energy, and monetary support that you gave!