Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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I Am the Poet (July 29, 2013) by Megan Seaman

I am the poet, not the songwriter

Weaving words in perfect pattern

Like soft threads, golden and red

I sew the suit you wear.


You are the songwriter, not the poet

Silvery sounds are your guide

Harnessing hums of traveling tunes

You amuse me with your magic moods.


I am the poet, not the songwriter

Picking precisely each phrase

Crazed with analytic eye

Speaking how it feels inside.


You are the songwriter, not the poet

Like a dance routine or dramatic scene

Disguised calculation of emotional relation

You play the poems that arise.


Enticing player with sweet-sounding whine

Tell me your lies and I’ll listen

Very closely to each piece of fiction

Oh, promise you’ll lie.

‘cause what’s the use of truth

in this production put forth

skilled rendition of unvarnished life.


But, I am the poet, not the songwriter

With a wish he will listen to my bit of diction

And feel the warm blood that

Melts the ice.


And, you are the songwriter, not the poet

Blind to the rhyme, yet heedful to the tone

The music that opens what hides

Behind those sleepy blue eyes.


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Sickness (3-6-2012) by Megan Seaman

“Sickness has no shame

Pressure pushing the places

Behind crackled itching eyes

Breathing in and hear the

Distant banshee scream of

A wheeze through

Cavernous depths

And exhale, feel the tickling irritation

Sensation of spots sore inside

Raw and realized spaces

Skinned rubbed rough

And rosy, with deceiving blush

But fiery stinging burn comes with each touch.


Roar from lungs

Surprises the life

That rests inside this house

Of flesh and blood, bone and bile

That quakes with each rush

Of desperate air moving quickly and with strength

To force out the intruder that

Penetrated permeable walls

And has overstayed its length

As violent wind gusts enter

And at one leave each orifice

The victor will be thee

On battleground of holy body

And cure they being it must!!!” – Megan Marie Seaman