Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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“The Artist Said” by Megan Seaman


Lord Ganesha, remover of all obstacles, bestower of Wisdom

Lord Ganesha, remover of all obstacles, bestower of Wisdom

What’s green and sawtoothed, with woody musk?

“Why, it’s the evergreen mammoth” the explorer said, “with his two ton tusks.”


What’s curved and scaled, with fiery sound?

“Why, it’s the darkened treble” the musician said, “of the clef that abounds.”


What’s stony and grey, with an elephant’s head?

“Why, it’s the deity of wisdom” the Brahman said, “atop a mouse, instead.”


What’s changing and swirling, with fearsome winds?

“Why, it’s the modified mind-stuff” the Yogini said, “fighting to get in.”


What’s full of coincidence, imagination and, dreams?

“Why, it’s the three only things” the artist said, “that thread the seams…

…of the creative spirit and connects us all

and into the soundless nothingness we all will fall.”


And the artist said with glazed over gaze, but canny contemplation,

“the canvas I paint today is my own sublimation

of the enemy ego that darkens my heart

and clouds the love that brightens the stark

and cold tundras of this armor I wear

that was built to protect the vulnerability I fear.”


And then the artist said, with a sigh and a step,

“I’m setting free this corroded metal for the self and the breath.

No more clinging

No more stinging

No more sea salty things

Just the light in the sky and the winds that it brings.


And I’ll say just one more thing and then I will go

Paint your pictures in the present, for (the past is gone and) tomorrow never knows.”


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Mr. Wilson’s Thoughts Late Saturday Night (11-30-13) by Megan Seaman

“I don’t know where to begin. I asked the questions and no answer yet. Still waiting. I feel really gaseous. I just farted. I’m looking at the ember colored wall and have the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young version of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” in my head. I don’t know if it is CSNY or just Neil Young who created the song.  I think about this girl with glasses, this songbird, this creative soul about a million times a day. I keep wondering when she will call. And then even that question makes me sick. I feel, I think that I’m clinging to that idea – like clinging to a person. Like clinging to one person will make all my life happy forever. And I judge myself. So many judgments about how love is supposed to work, how people are supposed to notice each other, what kind of people date and get together with what type of people. And it aches my heart and makes me feel queasy inside. “Only love can break your heart/try to be sure right from the start.” Like one should try to control what love does to you. I once saw a clip from a movie I don’t remember what movie but a girl says to a guy that the most important thing to do in life is to fall in love and give your love. And the guy says, “no the most important thing in life is to get your heart broken over and over and over again.” That’s what makes life. I never thought about it that way.

I think we live in this ideal state – maybe it’s not we, maybe it’s just me – but we live in this ideal that we’ll find “the One” and then everything will be just dandy. And if it is already dandy then we’ll just be dandier. But if we follow the guy’s mantra “most important is to get your heart broken over and over again” then there’s a little more freedom in that. As if there isn’t one state of being, there are many possibilities – and to try them as they come up, rather than passing them by for some ideal. Not that I think people shouldn’t have ideals or dreams or goals or something to aspire to or some direction. On the contrary, I think that people do best when they have some place they’re pointed to and with effort and grace moving there. I think knowing what you want is half the battle. Knowing what you want helps you intentionally make decisions about how you want to spend your time, who you want to spend your time with, and where you want to be. It promotes motivation and perseverance toward something. However, getting so attached to some outcome (i.e., goal, aspiration, dream) can shift you out of the present moment where you need to be to see the steps that will take you to those ideals.

Keeping a wakeful eye on the future is so important, but even more imperative is our abilities to stay here-and-now. It’s really easy to say that, but harder to play out daily. That’s where the practice begins. Instead of being ruled by our feeling about what is going on in our lives, rather we could notice the thoughts – the habitual patterns of how we think, and then with intentionality choose the ones that bring us closer to our goals and release the ones that don’t serve us. Staying present allows us to see the signs, hear the songs, smell the roses, taste the nectar, and feel the closeness of everything we aspire to. On our journey to what we want, it’s the practice in falling down and getting our hearts annihilated that will Godspeed us to all that we dreamed. And so loving as long and wide as we can – even at the expense of a broken heart – might just break down the hardened walls around our love, and let the true self shine.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Shed this Skin (9-21-13) by Megan Seaman

the snarl for the end.

the snarl for the end.

“Tangled hair once silken

Now brittle layered in

between oil and skin flakes

animal skin




the snarl for the end.


She reached her fingers in

Toward the pit

and ran

them through

silk and mane



of skin scabby cracked surface.


The purpose of this dermis

And the shedding of matter

No longer needed

For her journey coat




on the matted hair that pulled.


Shed this skin

Shed this skin

Shed this skin


Voice, body, and soul whispered


Shed this skin

Shed this skin

Shed this skin” – Megan Marie Seaman


In the Name of Love… (4-11-13) by Megan Seaman


Another opportunity to show my love my niece...LOVE = Cilly

Another opportunity to show my love my niece…LOVE = Cilly

Ahhh, Facebook… It is a lovely thing. It brings us all together – across our communities, our states, our countries, OUR WHOLE WORLD!! For a moment or two, it really seems like we are all one – that the differences between us are really illusions of our separateness, and that LOVE is at the core of each and every living being…

But then someone posts something about the 2nd Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. And then it sets in that some of us are still living in a cloud of fear. Fear that started way before the Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution more than 200 years ago. Fear, which in my mind, is a complete contradiction of Love.

Today a friend – a yogi friend, I might add (ironically) – posted his stance on gun control, the 2nd Amendment, and their relevance in our modern day world. He believes in the right to “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” He believes that the root of the problem is in how people perceive guns and their “use” and the rights bestowed by this amendment. He also pointed out the irony of the US government that relies on the “use” of guns in its military missions and assistance to foreign nations. I will not begrudge his point of view of the paradox of a nation that argues for the support of weapon use in foreign lands, and then says that weapon use should be limited on our country land. However, in the end the incongruity does not matter. When you get down to it, it comes to this: are you living from love or are you living from fear? Below is my response to my 2nd Amendment-supporter friend’s Facebook post:

“Guns were created for one thing and that is destruction. I’m for all beings – and I mean ALL of them – being happy and free everywhere. Guns impede this intention. Surely gun owners have their right to own a gun. But think about what the intention of owning a gun is based on … Fear. Fear of intruders, fear of not having enough resources, fear of over population, fear of the ‘bad guys’, fear of having your rights taken away. Fear is opposite of freedom and carries with it the judgment of what is right and what is wrong. I’m for intentions, actions, and rights that preserve love, happiness , and freedom FOR ALL BEINGS EVERYWHERE. From my perspective guns impede those aims. But I do agree we must call on each other to evaluate our perceptions, our biases, and our prejudices. We must examine whether those thoughts that we cling to really support love and peace for all beings or whether they foster fear and chaos.

And I respect the difference we share in our views. I am curious about what the use of this tool is. The 2nd amendment was created out of fear at a time of great distrust after enduring the destruction of the revolutionary war. The second amendment was based on a long history of English men – full of fear- and needing to protect their property (which at the time included women and children and animals) and themselves from external enemies. This continued when they colonized America – and was carried on namely for ‘protection’ from the native Americans – who they basically stole the land from. Thus the 2nd amendment is based on a contextual situation that happened over 200 years ago. But times have changed and it is every beings’ responsibility to become aware of themselves and their impact on everyone everywhere. We are all connected as evidenced by a tangible representation of that connection – Facebook. It’s time to take personal responsibility of preserving the livelihood of all beings everywhere. We live in a globalized world – where intellect is rewarded and esteemed. It seems that there are more similarities between the beings of this world than there are differences. And yet we’re still so scared of each other. Constantly judging and comparing and competing. With all our intellect we’re afraid to admit that we are the ones that recapitulate the fear. And so we carry guns to make us feel better. It’s an illusion.”

It IS an illusion. Instead of propagating judgment, trepidation, anxiety, nervousness, terror and horror, we could all become aware of what we cling to and make a decision to set it free. Why do we cling to this need to protect ourselves, our families, our property, our rights? A simple answer is that we are completely scared! We tell ourselves a million story lines embedded with comparisons, rivalries, and discriminations. It’s time to question those stories – some of which have been handed down from ancestors, some we created on our own – and to trade them for a tale that is inclusive and considers the well-being of all living things and helps us to open our hearts to the infinite possibilities of freedom.

There’s a really good website out there called “The Revolutionary War and Beyond” that gives a nice rundown of the history leading up to the Bill of Rights and events following its inception. I liked it because it seemed to provide perspectives from different camps on the issue of interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. If you want to check it out, follow this link:

Maybe you have something to add to this discussion… I think conversation about these issues is the only way “battle” the differences we have – well, maybe music, art,  yoga, and meditation help too. 🙂 My perspective is this: Every action, thought, emotion, in the name of love!



U2, “In the Name of Love”


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Tried to Stay in the Lines By Megan Seaman Saturday, December 8, 2012, 11:36PM…writing this dissertation. Feeling the itch to get the heyell out of town. Send me to the sea, east. And then I’ll be happy.

marble floors and alligator, richmond, va

marble floors and alligator, richmond, va

“Um pardon me,

but I never told you

That I’d be the one to bend and twist

To fit in to this

bureaucracy of nonsense!


This is ridiculous,

upsetting and obscene.

Practiced and posed to prove to you

My worth.


But I’m worthless to you without

The degree of pristine needed

To prance through shiny waxed halls

Of slippery linoleum


And you told’em that they don’t

Even make it anymore — not that old-fashioned

Sheen that reflects the nauseating

Fluorescent light from blazing tubes


And beam

with sickening buzz,



And the sarcasm bears a weight

That’s not funny at all.

And I feel my belly gurgle

In that unsavory way, as if

I might retch up late day bologna.


Fumbling, stumbling down checkered halls

Walls, concrete and cold

Painted in grey vanilla hues


Hearing the click of my heals on that fake

Linseed and cork,

I shuffled, blundered for the door

‘til I couldn’t stand it, anymore


and practically fell through the threshold

to my knees and breathed

a breath unfamiliar to my lungs


something like freedom, but sweeter

to the taste

yes, it was more like serenity

ecstatic joy in place of all

that functionary jive!” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Boxed Up (7-30-2012) by Megan Seaman

Cat in a box

“In the clutter and clatter

Of old clanking things

I stumbled upon

Battered boxes dusty

From their own decay

I couldn’t help myself

From pulling them open to discover

Lost memories hidden away

In dirty depths were

The pages of twenty-two

Years past, and they unfolded a path

Taking me back

Down treacherous road

Full of broken glass and strange fluid

Certainly destructive with one single touch

And as words violently

Reckless wrestled in front of me

I felt a shutter of fear

Run right through me

As I saw the young girl so lovely, but lost

She was fragile like butterfly wings and subtly cross

It scared me, she frightened me

Just seeing her face

So I closed that box with its disintegrating flaps

Pushed it away

Now as I sit here

With dirty box at side

I am warmed with a fire that burns inside

That the young girl with her sullen eyes,

She strengthened her wings and let herself fly

So this dusty container is all that is left

Of a past life, its karma met

And completed,

moved on to other things.” – Megan Marie Seaman


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Want Love, Get Close-up (8-18-2012) by Megan Seaman

“Just perfect except for those

Holes, those spaces, black dark

Depths, scary, ‘cause who knows

What lurks beyond red gums

Lover’s spit of 21 years

And other things that lovers bring

The taste of sweet cream or

Sounds of seductive screams

But you don’t want to know

You’ve made up your mind what it


Those gaps are too close for comfort

And remind you of the breaks

In your own mouth

And how you tore apart every heart

That was given to you – ravaged

Them and bled them with

Your perfect white canines

To you that ivory with all its

Places in between was unfinished and

Just plain ugly


You said “maybe it was the floss that made

Them so open and wide.”

And maybe it was!

Perhaps those who decide that

Running silky strands

Through tightly

Wedged life really do begin to

Feel the space between and free themselves right.


Even so, I took that shot

Straight down my throat

Novacaine  covered the pain

As he rebuilt the teeth

Filled in the gaps that

Left too much to be revealed

Now, they are solid and structured

Beautiful little white things

No holes, no spaces

Just one perfect wall of pearly white

That will smile

A mile of splendid sun

Pretty as a picture and

Guaranteed to keep you out!” – Megan Marie Seaman