Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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B. Tucker My Dreamy Companion (7-8-13) by Megan Seaman

Music Man 5-7-4

Music Man 5-7-4

“And he said, “you know what it’s like? It’s like riding in your dad’s old beater car

Through crowds of teenagers, loud

Because the exhaust system had a hole in it

And you just wished that the ride would be over

‘cause you’d been ridin’ too long

and here you are, through this sea of young things

you are also a young thing

but you wish you were 20 years older and knew

how it all turned out.”


Blue was the sky that day when he told me about his disease, caught

while drifting on water

Hotter than the white hot ash smashed into the tray

Burned it did when it hit my skin, heart burned

And busted from dis-ease he gave me

Mouth to mouth resuscitation. No it wasn’t a kiss

Just a wish for life. Please ease me back to light, life

And it finally set in what the goggled-eyed man meant when the sputtering car

Stuttered through the crowd

Pain in my heart, tears down my face, caused by you… my only you.” – Megan Marie Seaman




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Now, I’ll Let Go (3-1-2012) by Megan Seaman

“Now, I’ll let go

I won’t wish you anymore

I won’t breathe you, see you, hear you in my soul

I won’t dream of the feel

Of your skin

Over my legs, my hips, my chest, my chin

I won’t taste your sweet saliva

Nor your salty tears

That run down your face, so fake

Just imagined happening

I won’t conjure up the pain, the hand cut

And at once healed from

Your loving touch

I won’t believe it when you speak to me

Of the mystic magic that surrounds me

And how you wanted to cast your spell

I won’t tell

You in the quiet darkness

The dreams of our brightness

And how we shine with divine lightness

I won’t want you, I won’t need you, I won’t love you

I won’t speak you, anymore.

Now, I’ll let go.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Winter Loves Summer (December 10, 2011)

“I like to snuggle

Warm away from winter night

With you by fire bright.

Bare skin under sheet

Toes touch toes, knees and knees meet

Close together here.

Outside soft cover

Cold winds rattle windowpane.

Blustering again.

Freezing every bit

Of flesh exposed, bitter air

Searching for warm lair.

Burrow away down

Move from the frozen stone ground

Relief in the heat.

Bodies move closer

Hot hot hum fun, sweat and twist

Cinnamon sweet kiss.

Feel flushed flesh friction

Giving into addiction

Lust for fiery sun.

In your eyes I saw

Heaven and Hell became one

Veil that covered – gone.

Filled up with desire

Caught up in summery fire

And now I am burned.” – Megan Seaman

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Crystal Lake by Megan Marie Seaman (2011)

“100 verses I promised

In the fertile evening air

While we walked by Crystal Lake

And the moon gave us light to spare

A moment to see in each other’s eyes

Then you grabbed my hand holding tight

You ran with me hanging on

We fell down on the earth out of spite

For the waking dawn

You revealed what was in your heart

100 words that set apart

The fear and the love that

You kept inside

Your desire unraveling, coming untied

My head hit the ground, eyes gazed to the sky

Your face moving above me

So close to mine

And though it was dark, the moon, it beamed

Rays that caught glossy blue gleam

Of your eyes, again, my cherished friend

Hearts beat, beat, beat

I felt your skin

On my cheek,

longing lips meet,

and in the sweet

summer air

100 syllables, sounds, and kisses to share.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Crystal Lake (Reprise) by Megan Marie Seaman (2012)

“Walk down grey pavement

To a step just now taken

Awaken to the vision you had

Yesterday and say, “Wow, I’ve arrived”

Alive, ready to begin

My friend opens gold painted door

The one with “hello” over hearth

And more magic within

We begin

To sing that forgotten tune.

“Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon.”

As we walk by quiet lake

Take that first stroll as

Lovers, significant others

Each other S.O.’s

Arm in arm

Hiding away, you were warm

Rather, hot, hot, heat

I felt when you pressed

Your mess, spilled out

For me to see.

Will, will you run fingers through

My hair with your long digits

And mean it when

Dum dum candy kisses

Leave your lips to whisper

Something about love

Above my body your body

Moving towards me, over

Me, within me

Energy powering this fantasy

Let it be real!” – Megan Marie Seaman