Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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Patience, please (sometime in March-ish) by Megan Seaman

Written…Maybe like Thursday or Friday, March 14th or 15th, in the middle of the night

“Sneaking suspicion you’d come

By in that way

Late in the day

And whisper a springtime tune

But Mark says snow will

Come, again

And summer will arrive in

Late June.


Whispers wheeze through the trees

I always liked that rustling sound

Cool skin of leaves green

Cast their shadow

On the ground

In the long

Light still reaching

For the day

As it fades away

In the din of

Lonely town.


Sit, sit, sit, Sit down now

Wait, wait, wait, Wait

For the monarchs

Believe they will

Fly and flutter

In the butterfly

Bush covered

With its purple

Cones, in droves

They will come

If only you



And I read about the ones

Who counted

Not just counted on them

To show themselves

But counted their

Every presence

But what about the Monarchs

That were seen dancing on

the sea?

Or did they even know

That some had broken from the band

And resigned themselves

To following Atlantis

And the mermaid

Songs.” – Megan Marie Seaman

And this was his tune…


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Untitled by Megan Marie Seaman (12-3-2011)

“My body is bloated with six

Days of tantalizing fix

My senses wiped, over-spiced

Hands clap together

And then apart

“I’m done.”

There’s a full moon

Staring down soon

Into our dark shadowed

Spaces, places

We silently linger

“I’m home.”

In the violet blue stillness

The TV screen flickers switches

Scenes of yesterday and tomorrow


Sick solemn storylines

Divine, in-line, on-time

“I’m gone.”” – Megan Marie Seaman