Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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Intention #33 (April 24, 2013) by Megan Seaman

"laughing at the pain left in the watercolors..."

“laughing at the pain left in the watercolors…”

“Maybe if I think you hard enough

You’ll be mine.

I’ll wish you – want you – wistfully whim you

Into reality, serendipity, destiny

And see your bright blue eyes

Gazing at me with a twinkle

And a grin – Yes, a smile

Walking through doorsill

Stealing my will to deny you any longer.

And against my tenacity for sorrowful sourness

You’ll woo my heart to the warmth of your

Tender softness.

Your pure essence – a creative soul of deftness

At burning late day clouds away

With your hot-hot sun

We’ll have fun, Will,

While the kids laugh and play

By seaside, salty and soaked to the bone

We’ll look back in time and realize the signs

Were all pointing to sandy steps.

Laughing at the pain left in the watercolors of

Some murky wet paper, some class, some teacher

Long longtime ago,

We’ll know that tears wept then

Created the sea before us

And the cries were echoes of seagulls

With wanderlust

For coastlines like the one

We stand upon today in

Lingering light of July rays.

And we’ll breathe the sea air and hear

The giggles of children with no care

For sad stories of yesterday.” – Megan Marie Seaman



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“Silly Girls with Silly Dreams” – Megan M. Seaman (12-29-2011)

“Let it go just a moment before

The door opened to Carl’s row

Of broken dreams, ripped seams

On lacey dresses, girls and their messes

Silly girls with silly dreams

Wishes of brandied lips

But got whiskey tips from a

Drunk boy with lenseless glasses

Laughs by the masses at these naïve lasses

Silly girls with silly dreams

So she went home to her land

And forgot about the band

The one with “no key and no plan”

And “the blank eyed beast who grabbed her hand”

Silly girl with silly dreams

Love is just a myth

A fear-laden whip beating down with fists

The lie of happy hearts

That will never part, or that is what she thought

Silly girl with silly dreams

So lie down in your bed

Leave those dreams for dead

Close your eyes, sleepy head

The darkness will calm, maybe, the tears of the ladies

Silly girls with silly dreams” – Megan Marie Seaman