Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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Shed this Skin (9-21-13) by Megan Seaman

the snarl for the end.

the snarl for the end.

“Tangled hair once silken

Now brittle layered in

between oil and skin flakes

animal skin




the snarl for the end.


She reached her fingers in

Toward the pit

and ran

them through

silk and mane



of skin scabby cracked surface.


The purpose of this dermis

And the shedding of matter

No longer needed

For her journey coat




on the matted hair that pulled.


Shed this skin

Shed this skin

Shed this skin


Voice, body, and soul whispered


Shed this skin

Shed this skin

Shed this skin” – Megan Marie Seaman


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Humans. (October 2012) by Megan Seaman


They’re so stupid. They’re given these “big brains”

So they’re arrogant with their knowledge

Which makes them ignorant to most existence

And the most important things to

Be aware of.

Really, there is no value in beauty, money, status

For they’re all part of the veil

They hide behind, believing the lie

That we’re all separate.

And they ask with their wagging tongues

“Well, then what’s truth?”

Leave it to a human to ask such a stupid

Question – an artifact of

Human intelligence –

A quandary of the human mind.

If they released themselves from their

Moronic humanness, showed

Their SELF, they would

See this inanity they call truth

Is Everything, Everywhere, and

All at once.

It’s the one thing they’d all

Die for, but not live for because

They are so clouded by fear, rampant

In the human mind,

So convinced that

That which is changing is the real

Dice, what they can see with

The eye.

I say “let these stupid humans

With their tests of intelligence

And grandstanding research

Believe what they believe –

They’ll one day see that

In the end it’s not you

It’s not me. It’s

Only unity.

Space to just be.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Divine Suffering (1-17-13) by Megan Seaman


"angel came down from heaven, yesterday"

“angel came down from heaven, yesterday”

“The illusion of being Objective

Set up by a masculine kind

Who, when born She the God above,

He committed the Ultimate separation

And created the densest veil

And He was bitter as he looked

At his sisters who had kept

A piece of the Divine

And could go back any time to

The One.

But instead of examining His covered creation

He blamed his sisters because

He could not see Spirit

Or Allah or God

So took the name himself and

Invented the story of the rib

Pulled from He.

Then made Her pay for everyday

Of His Divine Suffering.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Crime of Passion (10-26-2011) by Megan Marie Seaman

“Twisting turning trying to fit in

As if I was not one to fit

Going against the grain?

Believing the illusion of my roundness and their square

Keeping separate holding back hiding away

Won’t the veil ever be lifted?

Won’t the cloud go away?

When will the truth be revealed?

When will I feel okay?

The answer, I believe, is so simple

And in its ease I lose trust

‘cause nothing in life is easy or to the point

or that is what I have thought

perceiving only one side of things

perpetuating the deceit told long ago

like a slave, I whip myself and punish

painstakingly I will hold up the lie

and die cowardly and squirmish

and it feels so good like a lullaby

to think of my brutal destruction

at the hands that script these words

I will lay this body down and throttle it

Until the last precious breath is gone

And maybe then the pain will end.” – Megan M. Seaman