Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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longing limbs lost love for the light that lingered in lonely late afternoon…


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Now I’m Clean (7-8-2011) by Megan Seaman

“White hard honeycomb

Underneath my feet

While solid blocks surround me


My blue heaven, overhead, Cupid hovering

Just above the wall I built

To hide my skin


Bare and shriveled

It is now clean and hairless

Pink and perfect, perfectly fragile


And ready to split

Cold and wet

I cried out in my cell,


“I need the one

I could never have

To prove that he’s all I’ve got.”


And then some screaming

Screeching voice sounded

And the white walls started to shake


Something was on the other side

Quaking breaking

The perfect structure that was falling


I scrambled now

In my fragile skin

Not ready for the answer


Looking for my towel

And as the blocks came down

I saw a figure


Bare, pink

Shriveled, perfect

I began to take the blocks down too.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Untitled 6 (7-16-2011) by Megan Marie Seaman

‘My delicate pink flesh is cut

Wandering through green blades

It’s all I can do to feel something, but

As I scatter the pain fades.


And like anything lost must be found

I woke up from a dream

And looked here, there, all around

I saw serenity in a stream.


It cried out, “Look look look

It’s clear as day, plain to see

That with each new reflection took

You view another side of thee.”


And in that moment as I viewed myself

I saw you walking towards me

To see something more, something else

To accept there was no plan, no key


Because to know you is to know my heart

So fully, so completely

And that is where our core nirvana starts

Whether in a pasture or by the sea


But I will see you by that ocean blue

It’s part of the process, destiny

We’ll hold hands, me and you

Learning to live, learning to be


So dive right in my honeypie

That cool liquid calls

Our home hidden under wave of ample size

Forever entangled after all.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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Blue Dragon (7-16-2011) by Megan Marie Seaman

Blue Dragon by MMS

“In between

The tiger and the dragon

The rabbit contemplates

The best escape

Surely this is a precarious position.

I’ve been hunted by that tiger

And just about bitten

But the dragon

What would you do?

Flirt and flicker your

Black dark wings

Beguilingly hide behind closed eyes

Waiting to devour or leave me half dead?

Or guide me to your magic place?

I will follow your lead

With a pragmatic cautious eye.

If only to live another lullaby.” – Megan Marie Seaman