Mermaid Verse

music flows from lips and as words meet sound bound and found me, your eyes wide open, soul sprightly greeting thee….

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Pre-programmed gender? (3-15-2013) by Megan Seaman

I read a blog today about how humans recognize other humans as women or men. Then it got me thinking, so I posted a response. I wanted to share it with you guys and see what your thought is. Below is my response to this blog:


“i think you may be confusing gender with sexual genotype. gender is a term devised by societies to define roles of what and whom are feminine and masculine. sex genotype is a genetic code for what sex characteristics a body will take on. phenotype is the combination of the two. but as you may know it doesn’t always equate to what makes a “woman” and what makes a “man.” we live in a world that is gradually opening its arms to female, male, and TRANSGENDER. we are expanding our view of sexuality and our perspective on intimate partner relationships. we are opening up to an age where qualities that were once assigned to women are now assigned to men (e.g., child-rearing) and vice-versa (e.g., women in military, law enforcement, ceo’s of corporations). Recently there was an article about a little boy, of 6 years old, in Colorado who flat out refused to wear “little boy clothes” and play with “little boy things.” he wanted to dress in little girl clothes and play with pink dolls. He was genotypically male. Yet, he was gravitating to what was opposite of his genotype. he was supposedly going against his “programming.” surely physiology plays a part related to the levels of hormones the body produces if you are female or male. However, what is even more impactful is our societies’ rules about what it means to be women and men. It starts before an infant is born. It is ridiculous the colors and symbols (not to mention the ideas and beliefs) that people program each other to recapitulate so that we all know what it means to be a little “pink princess” girl and a little “burly blue” boy. and how it chains us in little prison cells so that we can fit the status quo, and never let ourselves realize our full authentic potential.


once we let go of the idea of pre-programming,

we can see that any given moment is ours to create,

and any possibility is at hand.

and maybe what we’ll open our eyes to is that

seeing is not believing

and that woman you see

is actually a man.” – Megan Marie Seaman



Stolen Lines (12-22-2012) by Megan Seaman

“Changed my face

Dreams laced with

Cocaine veins






Pretended to sing someone else’s

Notions of oceans salty and far

And they were so far, impossible to

Reach even though I tried, I lied

My way to get through. They knew

All the while that the smile was all

Mine and everything else, a line, stolen

From someone else’s song, but that’s why

They longed to be close in that moment with me.

All because I once fell in love with a star.” – Megan Marie

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Humans. (October 2012) by Megan Seaman


They’re so stupid. They’re given these “big brains”

So they’re arrogant with their knowledge

Which makes them ignorant to most existence

And the most important things to

Be aware of.

Really, there is no value in beauty, money, status

For they’re all part of the veil

They hide behind, believing the lie

That we’re all separate.

And they ask with their wagging tongues

“Well, then what’s truth?”

Leave it to a human to ask such a stupid

Question – an artifact of

Human intelligence –

A quandary of the human mind.

If they released themselves from their

Moronic humanness, showed

Their SELF, they would

See this inanity they call truth

Is Everything, Everywhere, and

All at once.

It’s the one thing they’d all

Die for, but not live for because

They are so clouded by fear, rampant

In the human mind,

So convinced that

That which is changing is the real

Dice, what they can see with

The eye.

I say “let these stupid humans

With their tests of intelligence

And grandstanding research

Believe what they believe –

They’ll one day see that

In the end it’s not you

It’s not me. It’s

Only unity.

Space to just be.” – Megan Marie Seaman

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The Butterfly and the Sea (March 4, 2013) by Megan Seaman

tattooed tales of future wishes willed by you.

tattooed tales of future wishes willed by you.

“Don’t get sour, I say

When she flutters away

Your forehead shows lines of contempt.


The Butterfly, beautiful with her

Iridescent twirl

Blue and green way she tempts.


Your mind is frazzled

But your heart is dazzled

By the flitting fleeting boom.


Of wings as they flap

And legs as they tap

On petals loosened by wind’s tune.


The Butterfly flew

Over earth that was new

To the shores of Atlantic Sea.


Wooed by warm days

In lovely late May

She was searching ardently looking for he.


And I saw her dance

Taking the chance

Over silvery salty waves.


But he swallowed her in

With his cool saline grin

Dost not comprehend how the heart behaves.” – Megan Marie Seaman